Thursday, 9 March 2017

The ClothCache project

Making little bundles of cloth, found objects and plant materials and leaving them hidden as I go about the place.
Can you spot the bundle? 

Leaving the imprint of my boots on the cloth

I nearly took this one, but it seemed so at home, it didn't seem right. So I dunked it in a puddle and replaced it.

Back into its home in the hollow oak it went

There is a bundle in the stonework of this beautiful bridge

Can you see it?

There it is

I found this one in plain sight last week - the work of Storm Doris. I tucked it back among the foliage at the base of the Tuppence Tree

Those I have placed to date are places I go regularly so as I pass, I can check on them. I say they are hidden, but I have posted their locations on Instagram and invited others to take them if they pass. And leave bundles of their own. Or not. My bundles are little gifts. Perhaps even to myself one day, perhaps not. They are all natural materials so if they remain, they will gently biodegrade as time passes. I will continue to plant my bundles and see what grows from them. What fruit they may bear.

If the inspiration takes you, why not leave bundles of your own? If you are an Instagrammer, you could #clothcache and perhaps one day I may retrieve one of yours.


  1. What a lovely idea. Hope you find some like minded people and end up with lots of surprises. X Claire

    1. Thank you Claire. Like-minded people 😉😊 xx