Saturday, 4 March 2017

Reviving the blog

Just seeing if it can become a habit... Less structure, more random ramblings may suit me better. Here are some pictures, telling a thousand words... 😉
Slow stitch on eco prints

Applique and couching on repurposed denim

Tea dyed some vintage scraps, don't yet know what for. 

Added some stitch to 3 little petal pots


  1. Loving your stitched pots. And love your concept of they just Are. Are you using your computer to post? I haven't continued my blog because iphone no longer has blogger and most of my photos I take with it. Maybe you can guide me? Thank you. Follow you avidly on Instagram.

    1. Hello lovely to see you here and thank you! I have an android phone and I can post and upload photos directly from my phone so perhaps it's an iPhone thing? I do go to 'web version' though if that's any help. I am not using an app or anything. xx