Friday, 10 March 2017

Slow Stitch

The second Friday morning of every month, I lead a slow stitching session at my local Arts Centre in Ilminster. So rewarding, so inspiring and so convivial. I feel the threads unraveling back through the ages, binding us together with unknown and countless groups of women who have sat together and stitched.

such different styles

spectacular colours!


so absorbed

don't press out the creases, they are part of the story

sometimes no colour is necessary

My pojagi in natural dyed repurposed linen
Each session we look at a different traditional technique, as well as working on a slow stitch project. Today was the turn of (b)pojagi. A beautiful way to create a double sided cloth.

They were too absorbed in their stitch journal book wraps to stop today! Each took a few squares of my hand dyed rainbow fabrics to pojagi with at home. Or not as the spirit moves. .  Perhaps next time, there will be some little pojagi rainbows for show and tell. 

Thank you to all my slow stitchers, for your enthusiasm, your company and your willingness to go with the flow. 

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