Saturday, 13 February 2016

On the Edge - update

Hi all, for this challenge you have to submit a 20cm sample (which is a great idea and I think all juried competitions should do this - much fairer than judging just from a photo - we're quilters NOT photographers! I have even read some competitions recommending professional photoshoots to increase your chance of being selected, which I think is outrageous but anyway, end of rant, back to my CQ Challenge piece...) Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to make the little sample first to try out techniques, fabric combos etc so here it is. I am quite pleased with it, especially with the kind of 'weave' effect of the hand stitching on the darker grey sections, referencing obviously the fact that Stolzl was a weaver. I just did lines of staggered running stitch one way then vertical stitching in the gaps. I used an 8wt perle grey variegated thread. Anyway, I have drafted an actual size template and now have to work out how to split the design into sections for ease of working. I work fabric collage directly onto wadding, some sections are pieced conventionally and for some pieces I resorted to bondaweb applique if the set in seam scenarios got too scary! x

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