Wednesday, 24 February 2016

On the Edge change of plan

It just goes to show that it is worth a) making a sample and b) putting something on the wall and leaving it for a while if you're unsure! When I made the first sample for On the Edge and wrote that I had to resort to bondaweb applique for some of the pieces, I wasn't really happy with this option. I really want to construct the piece using the jigsaw quilt as you go technique that I love. Also, I wasn't really loving the blue/green colouring if the previous piece and felt in general the design was too much of a copy of Stolzl's design rather than just inspired by. So I have studied the work of other women weavers such as Anni Albers and Sophie Taebur-Arp and tried to come up with my own design incorporating elements of their work so that my piece is more personal. I had in mind a more primary-with-black-and-white feel for the piece. So I did another sketch, making sure that this time I could construct in a modular fashion, giving me the manageable sized blocks to work on that I like. Whilst I completely agree with using the right techniques for the integrity of the piece, it is also fundamentally important to me that I actually enjoy making it!

Here are the sketches. I have made the 8" sample square and am in the process of adding hand stitching so I will post a photo when that is done. What do you think? Do you agree that it's an improvement? k3n x

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  1. I love this new plan - but I love the old plan too! Can't wait to see them both.