Monday, 17 October 2011

Welcome to my new blog!

Hello everyone. After a loooong time of good intention, I've finally got around to creating a blog!
Perhaps the final push was that yesterday, I hosted a preview of a month-long exhibition of my work at The Art Centre at the Meeting House in Ilminster, Somerset. It was wonderful to see the greatest part of my work in one place and displayed in this beautiful historic building. Many friends and neighbours came along to support me, for which I am very grateful. I am quite good at exhuding an impression of supreme self-confidence while inside I am a quivering wreck, so the friendly, smiling faces all around me meant a lot. It was so wonderful to have such a positive reaction to my work - not only to my face (which may be only out of politeness!) but also overheard by others and reported back to me. My partner Hans was, as always, my rock and talked to all the people that I neglected and my children behaved impeccably. My 7 year old daughter Lily was somewhat confused as she was expecting an 'expedition' but I think she got over the disappointment!

I will be popping in and out throughout the month and will be giving a talk on my pet subject - Quilting as Art - on Sunday 30th October at 3pm. This is a ticketed event but at £2.50 with a drink thrown in, even if I'm rubbish, it must be worth it! The proceeds will go to the wonderful Art Centre which is a fabulous local resource for artists and visitors alike and is run by volunteers who do a sterling job - so I have no qualms about using my first ever blog post as a bit of PR! My exhibition is in the Main Gallery and runs until 12th November 2011.

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  1. i love the optical illusion quilt in the foreground! i always wanted to try one but it scares me when i see all those little crooked bits. :)

    congratulations on your new and wonderful blog. i'll be following along on Google Mail and watching for updates.