Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Puppy news!

Nothing to do with quilting but then I DO have other interests in my life (oh really???!!!). We have been on a waiting list for months for a Large Munsterlander puppy - this is a Hunt, Point, Retrieve breed, slightly larger than a flat-coated retriever but with the colouring of a spaniel - ie black and white. Well we heard a few weeks ago that the pups were born and this morning, I received my first picture! And they are sooooo cute! They are around a 5 hour drive away and we hope to go and visit the weekend after next, though we will have to wait a couple more weeks before going back to bring him home. He will be named 'Sirius the Dog Star' - Sirius for short. My children are thrilled as Sirius is also a character in Harry Potter.

Back to quilting, a reminder about my Talk at the Meeting House in Ilminster this Sunday at 3pm. Tickets are £2.50 and include a drink. Do please come if you can and support this fantastic venue.


  1. munsterlander? show pics please. full face.

  2. I will once I have a face pic - we're hopefully going up next weekend to see them. At the moment, the only pic I have is bums sticking out from under Mum!