Monday, 6 July 2020

Finding myself

So many months without stitch. I just couldn't, too bound up with emotions. So I have been knitting a lot, socks mostly. But now the time seems right, and I feel strong enough. It was hard to begin. I have a stack of Dad's hankies. Cotton squares. There's a clue, why not start with squares, and hand piecing. I know that. I also have lots of indigo and madder dyed cloth. The hankies are (mostly) red, white and blue. There's a theme. I feel I have the incomparable Jude Hill holding my hand while I work. I have been watching her little videos over on Instagram. I am concerned that at the moment, I am just copying her style. Hoping my Own Voice will emerge as I work. I know it's still in there somewhere, buried deep, whispering anxiously to itself. I will keep cutting and stitching, trusting muscle memory, hoping that my Own Voice will become stronger. I have some of Jude's precious little moon patches here, I think I will include 
them. Embrace her influence and accept it as a gift. k3n x


  1. I have had trouble with doing much also, just getting back to weave and stitch, funny how things effect people so differently.

    1. Just taking baby steps and not creating expectations. So many emotions from losing my dad last year, stitching in a creative way seemed too much for me somehow.. hugs to you xx

  2. I found you on Instagram (#ragmates2020), but dare to hope you might get back to blogging as I love learning the back story of cloth making ... a la Jude Hill

  3. Hello, I can’t remember how I’ve found my way here; thank you for your post. I notice that I have spent a lot of time in the ‘stituation room’ as my husband calls it. Not doing much but simply ‘being’. The creative process is restorative and healing, but I am still a-muddle. I think the picture at the top of your post provides some inspiration for me, so I’ll see where that takes me. Be well.