Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Kantha and Kangaroos

It's been a while... technical issues with the blogger app, I usually post from my phone but it keeps stopping working. Sometimes I know how that feels so I can't get too cross with it. Frustrating though, I type a long post, take a photo or two and hit 'post', and it's gone. 'Blogger has stopped working'...

So here I am on the tablet. That's a funny word for a little laptop. Musing about why I make what I make. I have recently been playing with books, still in progress but here's a sneaky peek...

It's surprisingly satisfying to stitch paper, whodathunkit?

But where do the kantha and the kangaroos come in, I hear you ask? I made a pouch. It's what little rectangular scraps of stitched cloths often become. I found a piece of cotton wadding (batting) with little scrapments of sari silk pinned to it. I don't remember doing that but it must have been me. No one else in the house would do such a thing... So I framed the weird shape I had created with some old cotton and kantha stitched right through in both directions. I ended up with a mini quilt, the perfect size for a mouse. But there are no mice here. Monsieur Barney Cat sees to that. So I made a pouch. I like pouches, they are so pouchy and useful for holding things. Marsupials have them. Kangaroos are marsupials. I like kangaroos. They look weird. If they didn't exist and someone made them up, you wouldn't believe they were real. I like kangaroos so much, I named one of my children 'Joey'. I don't know if that is why I like pouches, if there's a link. But kantha and kangaroo are words that fit nicely together and that is link enough. Here's my kantha kangaroo (pouch)...

Are you drawn to making certain things over and over? Can a woman ever have enough pouches? Kangaroos make do with one... k3n x


  1. Lovely pouch, I like making small bags, my large one is always such a mess that I put things inside it in smaller bags so I can find them.
    In my younger days I used paper to stitch quite often, some of the handmade papers have the same feel as cloth, your book looks interesting.

  2. Kathryn's kangaroo kantha keepsake pouch , lovely

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    1. Thank you that is really nice to hear xx

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