Thursday, 6 April 2017


In my last post, I talked briefly about stitch and promised 'more later' so.....
I believe a fluid, intuitive hand stitch is distinctive and unique to a person, like hand writing.
The crux of the matter is in the 'fluid, intuitive' side of things. It's a hard thing to be. Like 'random' is the hardest 'pattern' to do. ( That's a design oxymoron right there).
Being self-conscious is difficult to avoid. Think about it. Conscious of self. How can you NOT be?

I want to stitch like I write. Not when I am doing my 'best' hand, in a card or a thank you letter for example. You know the kind. Find a posh pen, even practice in rough to get the wording right. Not like that. I want to stitch like I write when I am scribbling a note to the kids. Or writing a shopping list. When I was at school and had a new exercise book, the first few pages would be self-conscious neat. It wasn't until about page 7 that my real hand writing kicked in. That's how I want to stitch.
There are exercises one can do to discover one's 'stitch hand'. Stitch blindfold or in the dark. Done that while camping. Well, by tilley lamp which is pretty close with my poor old eyes. Stitch left handed (or right if you're a lefty). Stitch in different directions. Stitch from the back of a piece. Stitch like no one is listening. Does any of this work? Does it matter even? xx

PS note to self, my stitchabet includes:
Running stitch -
        In parallel lines
        In staggered lines
        Cross hatch
        Concentric circles
Seed stitch
I sometimes make myself do fancy embroidery stitches but it's like speaking French. I can do it well enough. I can express myself. But it doesn't come naturally. I expect I shall return to this. In due course. xx


  1. I feel the same about 'fancy' embroidery, i often like the idea of using it, but nearly always revert to some variation of a running stitch! I guess that's just what i feel comfortable with, but it's probably good to go out of our comfort zone occasionally. I do like a french knot though! Xx

    1. I'm not averse to a French knot myself now I think of it. 😉 xx

  2. The writing comes when you are writing fast. But to transfer this to stitch by stitching fast contradicts the reason you are stitching...the slow stitch, meditative. So how to slowly and contemptively stitch like you are messily stitching fast!!

  3. This resonated with me totally, the writing neat and the stitching. Everyone tells me that my work is so neat, yet I don't want it to be. I love wabi sabi and want to be random and rough but it just doesn't happen. Do I embrace my inner neatness? ��

    1. This is such a thing isn't it? Those naturally messy folk don't know how lucky they are. Often people say to me 'your stitching is so neat and regular!' And they mean to be kind but inside I am 'grrrrr'. It may be a case of the grass is always greener. I have recently taken up stitching in unusual places, while walking the dogs, perched on a wall, squatting on the ground, without looking. These in order to tempt a more natural stitch into being. Thank you for replying. xx

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