Friday, 21 September 2012

Kaleidoscope Workshop

Here are some pictures of my latest kaleidoscope workshop in Whitelackington Village Hall. I never tire of teaching this technique - even when students have a fabric I've seen used before, the quilts come out completely different. And all the ladies' enthusiasm and excitement for the 'magic' way their fabric is transformed is a joy to behold! One lady already had a second fabric to show me to make another quilt on her own and others were talking about buying more fabrics to make more. I did give a health warning that these quilts can be addictive ( I think I've personally made getting on for 30 of them). It's a wonderful way to use those gorgeous large print fabrics that don't really suit traditional patchwork patterns and everyone I've ever taught this to has loved the fact that their quilt is truly unique and that they have designed it themselves. Thanks ladies for a great two days and all your quilts are beautiful. Now go and make more! :-D!

Happy ladies working away!

Jane's Quilt
Jean's Quilt

Jenny's Quilt

Kim's Quilt

Lisa's Quilt

Liz's Quilt

Maggie's Quilt

Sue's Quilt (and some of her fingers!)


  1. K3n, thank you for showing these! Each one is gorgeous and unique. I am struck by how much one can accomplish in 2 days, if one can just stay focused!!

    Nicky in California

  2. Thanks NickersMarie, I do crack the whip a bit and the ladies do 'homework' between session one and two but it's great that they end up with something approaching a finished top at the end of the course. k3n x