Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Kaleidoscope workshop - Whitelackington

I recently had my last workshop of the Spring term - my three part kaleidoscope course - and here are some pics of the ladies' beautiful creations!

Bridget's Quilt

Jackie's Quilt

Jacqui's Quilt

Jill's Quilt

Jilly's Quilt

Marion's Quilt

Marjorie's Quilt

Sue's Quilt


  1. That would have been a fun class :) You get to see all these gorgeous quilts without actually having to make them all. Makes me want to make another LOL.

  2. Ha! You've sussed out why I have such fun teaching these classes! I even got to select the fabrics for many of the ladies - it's like having a room full of little worker elves. x