Monday, 6 February 2012


Hello everyone,

Well I had a fabulous few days at the Craft4Crafters show at West Point, Exeter last week. It seems that many crafters are become attracted to patchwork and quilting as a hobby and it was great to meet so many keen and willing converts! It was a great show and very busy despite the icy weather - we even had a bit of snow on the Saturday.

I had a few comments about my name - k3n being an abbreviation of Kathryn (this my partner's invention as 'text speak' when we were courting). Most people get it when they realise my given name is 'Kathryn' but to some it seems like some kind of code because of the number in it. One lady referred to me as 'K9' which I found quite amusing. Ah well, what is the old adage - 'it doesn't matter what they call you, so long as they call you!'

My Mandala that I showed a peak of a while ago was indeed finished and here is a picture of it hanging at West Point. I absolutely loved doing the freehand machine quilting on this and was quite sad once the last pebble was done in the outer border! Ah well, on to the next project, which involves Dutch chintz and French hemp and silk fabric, 3D flying geese and oh yes, probably some FMQ!
Take care everyone, k3n x (aka K9, aka Kathryn)


  1. really beautiful. have you taken free motion classes or have you learned it by yourself?

  2. Hi Barbara, I'm self-taught and lots of practice! I did a take one class with Ferret last year though, because I love her work so much.

  3. Oh Wow k3n, definately worth waiting to see the finished product!!! You have really taken your quilting to a whole new level. I hope you don't mind me sticky beaking at your blog, cheers Woody

  4. Hi Woody - thanks and I'm glad to see you here!